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a.1.Full; complete; plenary.
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On this globe the southern continent is inscribed, TERRA AUSTRALIS RECENTER INVENTA AT NONDUM PLENE COGNITA (Terra Australis, recently discovered but not yet fully known).
Tanta est enim divinae Scripturae profunditas, ut non solum simplices et illitterati, sed etiam prudentes et docti non plene sufficient ad ipsius intelligentiam indagandam.
Sivan and Schniedewind observe that the plene spelling hlw\ which shares a 71 to 29 ratio of distribution with the non-plene spelling throughout the Hebrew Bible, may result from a proto-Semitic *halu, possibly the equivalent to Aramaic hlw.
Complements PLENE Evolve and PLENE PB for nurseries
The new technology, Plene, improves crop yields, and allows for cost-effective mechanisation of farming practices, with a 15% saving in production costs per hectare and a 5-15 tonne increase in yield per hectare.
Brittain moved quickly to bring Robinson back to Carlburg Stables, the pair having enjoyed such past triumphs as the victory of Pebbles in the 1,000 Guineas in 1984 and, more recently, Crim plene in the Irish equivalent in 2000.
Jared Wicks of John Carroll University for pointing out to me that in addition to esse and bene esse should be added the category plene esse, to speak of the fullness of the church's life.
46) of his Institutiones, Cardinal Ottaviani thus defined the juridically perfect society: "Societas iuridice perfecta ea est quae bonum in suo ordine completum tamquam finem habens, ac media omnia ad illud consequendum iure possidens, est in suo ordine sibi sufficiens et independens, id est plene autonoma.
We can compare it with IE *pel- 'animal skin, hide; cloth; wrap' (Wat 63), in IEW 803 *pel-no < IEW 985-986 *(s)p(h)el- 'tear off, M-A 268-9: *peln-, B-K 60: *p[h]al- / *p[hlel- : especially Lat pellis 'animal skin, hide', ON fjall 'skin', OEng fell 'animal skin, hide; pelt', OHG fel 'same', OPrus pleynis 'meninges', Lith plene 'film (on milk); scab', Lett plene 'membrane', Russ plena 'felt', Gk pelloraphes 'sewing skins together', Gk spolia 'fine wool plucked from the legs of sheep', and further OEng filmen 'film, membrane, foreskin', Gk pelma 'sole of the foot', Russ pleva'membrane', also Lat spolium '(animal) skin, hide', (< *(s)pel- 'tear off) (according to M-A, widespread, though not universal, in late PIE).
Aevum sortiti sumus quo plane indoctis nihil turpius, plene doctis nihil rarius.
10 Plene your escape You can have all the right fire safety measures in your apartment - fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, flame-proof pyjamas - but you've got no guarantee that your neighbours are quite as sensible.
71,12: cum posset in omnibus decuriis Romae esse, tamen noluit and Velleius (2,88,2) on Maecenas: non minus Agrippa Caesari carus, sed minus honoratus--quippe vixit angusti clavi plene contentus--nec minora consequi potuit, sed non tam concupivit.