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a.1.Nearly alike in form.
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In recent phylogenetic studies of Tingidae (Guilbert 2001, 2004b), the lack of pronotal and hemelytral expansions in adults, as well as the lack of outgrowths in larvae, were hypothesized as plesiomorphic conditions.
Perhaps Cynodontipus-type burrows were made by a variety of tetrapods and represent plesiomorphic digging behaviour at the level of Amniota, using synapomorphybased trace-maker identification (Olsen 1995a; Carrano and Wilson 2001).
It is considered as the plesiomorphic condition in angiosperms (Furness & Rudall, 2001a).
In Hypsolebias shibattai, there are 1 or 2 transverse green metallic spots at the third greenish bar, a condition considered as plesiomorphic for Cynolebiasinae (Costa 2006), while in H fulminantis, spots are absent or fused with blue scales, which is considered to be as an autopomorphic condition for the species (Costa 2006).
It is now generally accepted that the tripartite genital bulb in male spiders is plesiomorphic (Platnick and Gertsch, 1976; Kraus, 1978, 1984; Haupt, 1983; Coddington, 1990; Sierwald, 1990).
In the monocots, fibrillar appearances are common in end walls of tracheary elements of families with more numerous plesiomorphic features (Carlquist, 2012).
frantzii) may help define whether parental care among these closely-related species is (1) recently evolved, (2) plesiomorphic within the bicknelli clade (Outlaw et al.
Furthermore, the numerical dominance of Hap1 and Hap2 (present in seven and nine breeds, respectively) suggests that it is ancestral, or plesiomorphic.
Data on the reproductive behavior of these two subfamilies are crucial to provide both a robust hypothesis about the plesiomorphic form of egg assistance in gonyleptids and a more complete scenario of the transitions between different forms of parental care in the family.
were the only available outgroups for our CO3 data set, these did not provide a useful rooting for inferring whether these alternative matching states are plesiomorphic or derived.
limb presence is plesiomorphic in reptiles) polyphyly-a variant of non-monophyly polytomy--a node on a phylogenetic tree that depicts an ancestral lineage dividing into three or more descendant lineages (opposite = dichotomy) synapomorphy--a derived character state that is shared by a group of organisms (e.
He noted that the saccular otoliths of Totoaba have a combination of plesiomorphic characters similar to other sciaenid groups such as the Sciaena, Pogonias, or Bahaba groups and considered that within the Cynoscion Group, the otoliths were most similar to Atractoscion Gill 1862.