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Noun1.Pleuronectes - type genus of the PleuronectidaePleuronectes - type genus of the Pleuronectidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Pleuronectes platessa, plaice - large European food fish
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Diversity of immune genes and associated gill microbes of European plaice Pleuronectes platessa.
In this study, we obtained a batch of simple sequence repeats (SSRs) from the transcriptome data of Asian moon scallop Amusium pleuronectes and analyzed the distribution and frequency of these SSRs.
A comperative histological and histochemical study of the stomach from three species of Pleuronectid, the Atlantic halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus, the yellowtail flounder, Pleuronectes ferruginea, and the winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus.
Feeding of plaice, Pleuronectes platessa, and sole Solea solea in relation to the effects of bottom trawling.
In contrast, other teleosts exhibit a heterogeneous oocyte distribution pattern in the ovary, as in the temperate marine flatfish species Solea solea (Linnaeus, 1758) (Witthames & Greer Walker, 1995), Limando aspera (Pallas, 1814) (Nichol & Acuna, 2001) and Pleuronectes platessa (Linnaeus, 1758) (Kennedy et al.
A previous investigation of the flatfish species [European plaice Pleuronectes platessa Linnaeus, 1758 and European flounder Platichthys flesus trachurus (Duncer, 1892), both in the Pleuronectidae, and turbot Scophthalmus maximus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Scophthalmidae] (Pleuronectiformes) of the Baltic Sea (Marss et al.
Effect of temperature on the embryonic development of the plaice, Pleuronectes platessa L.
Anesthetic effects of lidocaine-hydrochloride on water parameters in simulated transport experiment of juvenile winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus.
According to the manufacturer's information, the deep sea fish sources, that is, Pollachius virens, Hippoglossus hippoglossus, and Pleuronectes platessa, originated from the French coast of the North Sea.
The three studied pleuronectiform species represent two closely related forms, the European plaice Pleuronectes platessa Linnaeus, 1758 and the European flounder Platichthys flesus trachurus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pleuronectidae), and one more distantly related form, the turbot Scophthalmus maximus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Scophthalmidae).