n.1.(Zool.) Any marine gastropod belonging to Pleurotoma, and ether allied genera of the family Pleurotmidæ. The species are very numerous, especially in tropical seas. The outer lip has usually a posterior notch or slit.
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Replacement name for Pleurotoma variegata Kiener, 1839 [non Philippi, 1836].
Type species Pleurotoma rousi Sowerby, 1886, by original designation.
Type species Pleurotoma bairstowi Sowerby, 1886, by original designation.
Type species Pleurotoma (Drillia) scitecostata Sowerby, 1903, by original designation.
philippinensis (at least in teleoconch characters) include Pleurotoma nexa Reeve, 1845, Clathurella pulchella Pease, 1860, and Pleurotoma granicostata Reeve, 1846.
Other species presumably referrable to Qii are Pseudodaphnella oligoina Hedley, 1922, Pleurotoma (Defrancia?
Melvill (1917) proposed the name Clathurina for a polyphyletic group of Kermialike species, with Pleurotoma foraminata Reeve, 1845, as the type species.
drupelloides also appears to show some resemblance to the figure of Pleurotoma microcerata type (Folin 1879: 248, pl.
Sometimes the name Pleurotoma pustulosa Folin, 1867, has been used for specimens of Kermia punctifera, particularly in the Japanese and Chinese literature.
The freshest of five syntypes of Pleurotoma cavernosa (BMNH 1963801), which retains its protoconch, is here illustrated (Figs 25, 26).
Pleurotoma gracilis Folin, 1879 (non Conrad, 1830, nec Scacchi, 1836): 251, pl.