Pliny the Younger

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Noun1.Pliny the Younger - Roman writer and nephew of Pliny the ElderPliny the Younger - Roman writer and nephew of Pliny the Elder; author of books of letters that commented on affairs of the day (62-113)
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In reality, his story was told by his nephew, the famous Pliny the Younger, who provided a first-hand account of the disaster as seen from Misenum.
Pliny the Younger had two houses, one more showy than the other, where elegant food was matched by deep thought, clever chat, and stunning scenery.
Today, beers like the Abyss, Pliny the Younger, the Dark Lord and many others are blowing up taste profiles with their complexity and creativity," Paul Evers said.
Josephus, the Jewish historian; Tacitus and Suetonius, both Roman writers, also refer to Christus while Pliny the younger refers to the Christians' habit of "meeting on a certain day to remember Christus".
Szpiro takes a roughly chronological approach to the topic, travelling from ancient Greece to the present and, in addition to offering explanations of the various mathematical conundrums of elections and voting, also offers biographical details on the mathematicians and other thinkers who thought about them, including Plato, Pliny the Younger, Pierre Simon Laplace, Thomas Jefferson, John von Neumann, and Kenneth Arrow.
One notable absentee is Pliny the Younger, though it is his exchange of letters with Emperor Trajan in 112, when his governorship of Bithynia brought him into contact with the Christian "problem" (10.
There, from the fifteenth century forward, explicitly revived ideas (and ideals) of otium and negotium limned a contrast between restorative rural pleasures and enervating urban pressures powerfully articulated by ancient Roman writers, among them Pliny the Younger and Cicero.
On the subject of family values he makes the sweeping, sneering generalization on page 58 that "when we rhapsodize about 'the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome" we should keep in mind that the sexual practices of these civilizations live on today only in prisons and in the ideology of marginal groups like the North American Man/Boy Love Association" This blatantly ignores all the testimony supporting lifestyles similar to those of mainstream Western society today offered by ancient authors like Cicero, Pliny the Younger, Seneca the Younger, Plutarch, and others.
Ashen sky; the letters of Pliny the Younger on the eruption of Vesuvius.
ALMOST two thousand years ago the Roman writer Pliny the Younger looked out across the Bay of Naples and witnessed one of the most devastating natural disasters in history.
Can't wait to have Pliny the Younger," she coos over his cot.
Worse, they will be dismayed at the confusion she betrays in the course of her voluminous, though sometimes over-hasty, research as when she attributes the famous letter of Pliny the Younger (62-c.