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n.1.(Paleon.) An extinct genus of horses from the Pliocene deposits. Each foot had a single toe (or hoof), as in the common horse.
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As for the miniature, it is suggested that they came into existence as a direct descendant of the prehistoric merychippus and pliohippus equine evolutionary chain.
Cormohipparion (= Neohipparion) occidentale, Neohipparion affine (= whitneyi), Pseudhipparion (= Nannippus) gratus, Pliohippus pernix (= lullianus), Ustatochoerus sp.
Cormohipparion occidentale, Neohipparion affine, Pseudhipparion gratum, Pliohippus pernix, Ustatochoerus major (= skinneri), Cranioceras sp.