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n.1.(Naut.) A mixture of hair and tar for covering the bottom of a ship.
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In order to maximize parsimony in the hypothesised model and to minimize the number of constructs in subsequent analyses, we calculated a relative autonomy index (RAI) from the PLOC components in both contexts, as recommended by other researchers (Guay et al.
1 first person singular 2 second person singular 3 third person singular 4 first person plural A ergative cross-reference ANT antipassive suffix APL applicative suffix ASP aspect prefix B absolutive cross-reference CL classifier COMP completive aspect EMP emphatic particle EXC exclamation particle FAM familiar particle IMP imperative INC incompletive aspect INSTR instrumental suffix NEG negation particle NOM nominalization suffix PASS passive suffix PLOC locative focus particle POSS possessive relational noun POT potential particle Qy/n yes/no question particle ST status suffix T tense V vowel VTD derived transitive verb status suffix
Through the PLOC, many individuals representing the City, County, Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Health System worked tirelessly to bring this important sporting event to Pittsburgh.