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or Plo·eş·ti  (plô-yĕsht′, -yĕsh′tē)
A city of southeast-central Romania north of Bucharest. Founded in 1596, it is the center of a major oil-producing region.


(Romanian ploˈjeʃtj)
(Placename) a city in SE central Romania: centre of the Romanian petroleum industry. Pop: 204 000 (2005 est)


or Plo•ieş•ti


a city in S Romania. 234,021.
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We'll continue to leverage the proximity to our existing plant in Ploesti, relying on its infrastructure and our well-established talent pipeline to expand our capabilities.
Meanwhile, destruction of the Ploesti oil fields had become the responsibility of the USAAF.
The August 1943 Ploesti operation is absent; if the central theme is oil, it should have opened with it.
We are confident that from this industrial base near Ploesti we will be very successful in expanding our product range and market penetration.
I thought the bomber might have been a B-24 that crashed after the Ploesti oilfield raid in August 1943.
We've been actively working in partnership with Eures (European Employment Services) to deliver successful recruitment events across Europe, including in Gdansk, Ploesti, Bucharest, Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow, Malta and Slovakia, since 2004.
Johnson, CONAC commander and Medal of Honor recipient for valor in the Ploesti Raid, decided that the location of a records center should be in the interior of the country.
The right-side slide engraving includes "North Atlantic, Tunisia, Sicily, Ploesti, Salerno, Anzio, Normandy, Bastogne, Remagen, Berlin.
He says: "I just wish I had stayed another season because I would have loved to be part of the European Cup-Winners' Cup campaign the following season when Wrexham lost 1-0 on aggregate to (Romania's) Petrolul Ploesti.
His study begins with theory and doctrine during the interwar period and proceeds with chapters on "learning with the British" (June to November 1942), TORCH and Twelfth Air Force (June to November 1942), the Tunisian campaign, the Sicilian campaign, and Ploesti and Salerno (August to September 1943).
Ray had just joined his squadron as it was dispatched to carry out another strategic bombing mission - Operation Tidal Wave which was aimed at denying the German forces access to its oil reserves in Ploesti, Romania.
The first was to create air defenses around the vital oil region of Romania in the vicinity of Ploesti and the Black Sea port of Constanta.