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 (plō-tī′nəs) ad 205-270.
Egyptian-born Roman philosopher who founded Neoplatonism. His writings are collected in The Enneads.


(Biography) ?205–?270 ad, Roman Neo-Platonist philosopher, born in Egypt


(ploʊˈtaɪ nəs)

A.D. 205?–270?, Roman philosopher, born in Egypt: founder of Neoplatonism.
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Noun1.Plotinus - Roman philosopher (born in Egypt) who was the leading representative of Neoplatonism (205-270)
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The concerts will be performed by members of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and soloists Plotinos Mikromatis on piano and Alexis Theophylaktou on violin, under the baton of Nabil Shehata.
Its special status, its divinity, is a function of its belonging Yonder, something most tellingly described by Plotinos in his Ennead on Beauty (1.
It is at once a great and a fundamental passage, which might warm the heart of any Platonist, and lead us to enquire, with Plotinos (e.