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A city of south-central Bulgaria on the Maritsa River southeast of Sofia. Originally built by Thracians, it fell to Macedon c. 341 bc and to Rome in 46. The city changed hands frequently in the Middle Ages and was controlled by Russia from 1878 to 1885.


(Bulgarian ˈplɔvdif)
(Placename) a city in S Bulgaria on the Maritsa River: the second largest town in Bulgaria; conquered by Philip II of Macedonia in 341 bc; capital of Roman Thracia; commercial centre of a rich agricultural region. Pop: 339 000 (2005 est). Greek name: Philippopolis


(ˈplɔv dɪf)

a city in S Bulgaria, on the Maritsa River. 356,596. Greek, Philippopolis.
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Noun1.Plovdiv - an ancient city in southern Bulgaria; commercial center of an agricultural region
Bulgaria, Republic of Bulgaria - a republic in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe
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About 30km south of Plovdiv, Bachkovo monastery is Bulgaria's second-largest, with 11th-century Byzantine origins.
Contract award: making the clock security guards under the law on private security activity, including activities in ensuring the peace and preservation of the sites of the medical university of plovdiv.
Djankov is in Plovdiv for the celebration of the 127th anniversary of Bulgaria's Unification.
Contract award: "asphalting of streets and roads in the municipality of plovdiv.
The statement was made Thursday in the second largest city in Plovdiv with Borisov saying that the country is on the right track; it has reached the best level of competitiveness, thus there are serious reasons to expect the increase of income of all Bulgarians.
Contract award: supply of workwear and personal protective equipment for the needs of the municipality of plovdiv and the units of the municipal budget.
Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) has conclusively declared businessman Georgi Gergov as the majority owner of International Plovdiv Fair (IFP).
Quantity or scope:Construction of communication connectivity and internet access for the needs of TP "DGS - Plovdiv" in five remote locations: - Administrative building of SFE - Plovdiv city.
Bulgaria has completed the rehabilitation of its key southern railway linking the cities of Plovdiv and Burgas at about 35%, the Transport Ministry announced Friday night.
Contract notice: Carrier selection for production and delivery of food vouchers for employees in ta "dgs" - plovdiv.
This will be made in an effort to make their work more effective, create opportunities in other cities, and disburden the Bulgarian capital, said the PM during a visit to Plovdiv.
It is an opportunity for joint action if any given municipality cannot manage on its own," the governor of Plovdiv region, Ivan Totev, said.