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A city of south-central Bulgaria on the Maritsa River southeast of Sofia. Originally built by Thracians, it fell to Macedon c. 341 bc and to Rome in 46. The city changed hands frequently in the Middle Ages and was controlled by Russia from 1878 to 1885.


(Bulgarian ˈplɔvdif)
(Placename) a city in S Bulgaria on the Maritsa River: the second largest town in Bulgaria; conquered by Philip II of Macedonia in 341 bc; capital of Roman Thracia; commercial centre of a rich agricultural region. Pop: 339 000 (2005 est). Greek name: Philippopolis


(ˈplɔv dɪf)

a city in S Bulgaria, on the Maritsa River. 356,596. Greek, Philippopolis.
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Noun1.Plovdiv - an ancient city in southern Bulgaria; commercial center of an agricultural region
Bulgaria, Republic of Bulgaria - a republic in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe
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Contract notice: "reconstruction, Modernization and completion of a sewage treatment plant plovdiv - engineering"
There are a lot of connections between the economies of our two countries, announced today at a meeting with the Plovdiv business ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in our country Zayi el-Midawi.
As soon as Borissov's Cabinet took office, one of the first fights it picked was over the ownership of the Plovdiv International Fair, which came under the control of local businessman Georgi Gergov, also the leader of the socialist party organisation in the region.
Contract award notice: "supply of net active electrical energy - low voltage, At freely negotiated prices and selection of a standard balancing group coordinator for the needs of the plovdiv
Turkey has denied Bulgarian media reports suggesting that the term of appointment of its consul general Alper Aktas in Plovdiv was allegedly cut short.
While at a charity ball in Plovdiv, Borissov said that "inside a fortnight we will be back in Plovdiv and will give the ground to the new Botev club.
Contract notice: supply of spare parts and vehicle repair services for the needs of the municipality of plovdiv and the units of municipal budget support
Whoever wins will have to prepare the city for 2019, when Plovdiv will be European Capital of Culture along with Italy's Matera.
Contract notice: delivery of packaged food products, spices and cans for the needs of plovdiv municipality, municipal enterprises and municipal social institutions in plovdiv.
Bulgaria's second-largest city Plovdiv is gradually recovering after two people died in the region overnight in flash floods caused by torrential rains.
Contract award notice: Rental of construction and transport equipment for the needs of "electricity distribution south" ead, For lot 1 - plovdiv region (bulgaria-plovdiv: Hire of goods-transport vehicles with driver)
State-owned company Plovdiv Airport faces bankruptcy and is unable to pay the salaries and social security contributions of its 154 workers, according to Ivan Karnabitov, outgoing Executive Director of the company.