n.1.(Mil.) The act or movement of forming a column from a line of troops on some designated subdivision; - the opposite of deployment.
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These were raised in great abundance; so that, with the products of this and the other farms belonging to him, he was able to keep in almost constant em- ployment a large sloop, in carrying them to market at Baltimore.
This whole policy must be focused on youth em- ployment.
Next Friday, 3 November, marks a year since Egypt has started its economic reform programme--one that has been the most difficult--to revive the ailing economy and achieve growth rates that reflect on creating jobs, curb unem- ployment, and improve standards of living for Egyptians.
Likewise, therapy seeks to generate effects through interaction and language, in response to particular social and political context that has generated violence, displacement, and unem ployment in Buenaventura and Quibdo, so the NCGT becomes a construction element from a given context.
This article shares how the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), 1st Infantry Division, was able to successfully balance the de ployment of home-station property and remain compliant with FORSCOM's requirement to use the NTC pre-positioned fleet.
Looking at this region as a whole, what stands out is that overall levels of youth unemployment are improving but pockets are still reporting much higher youth unem ployment rates than the average with some cities affected more than others.
Incubators provide students with internship opportunities and potential for em ployment opportunities after graduation.
The first series of the ground-breaking comedydrama, of course, focused on an ill-matched bunch of British workers thrown together on a German building site as they escaped unem- ployment in early- 1980s Britain.
Neither unemployment rate georgia Colorado nor unemployment rate by state nor just unem ployment rate triggers the Public Data Explorer answer.
ITEM: "If this Congress refuses to act, 1 almost want the president to extend unem ployment insurance," Representative Barbara Lee (D-Calif) told the Dallas Morning News for January 29 after President Obama 's State of the Union address.