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n.1.(Min.) Same as Jamesonite.
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Many collectors believe that a part of the "plumosite" of Trepca is jamesonite, but (to our knowledge) all the mineralogical analyses done on plumosite from Trepca have identified boulangerite and never jamesonite.
ORNATE - PLAIN stoutened OUTSET - END unsewed USED > - NEW > modistry MOIST > - DRY > idromancers (hydromancers) SCORN - ADMIRE faillers (failures) RISE - FALL lowned (calmed) OLD - NEW gassier SAG - RISE savonettes (soap balls) VETO - ASSENT trampolines STAPLE - MINOR panderesses (female procurers) SPARSE - DENSE persuades SPARE - USED plumosite (a mineral) POUT - SMILE crowlings (a nonce word in OED) SCOWL - GRIN gimballs SMALL - BIG multilayers SILLY - MATURE harllotts (harlots) SHORT - TALL </pre> <p>In ChDSA, CALM is listed as an antonym for 70+ words including anxious, boisterous, cross, distraught, excitable, frenetic, gusty, hysterical, incense, jittery, livid, madden, nervous, obstreperous, pandemonium, restless, storm, tense, uptight, vex and wild.
There were very plentiful thumbnails, sprinkled about the room, of most of the members of the sulfosalt suite found at the San Jose mine, Oruro, including andorite, plumosite, franckeite, stannite and zinkenite.