Plutonic rocks

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(Geol.) granite, porphyry, and some other igneous rocks, supposed to have consolidated from a melted state at a great depth from the surface. Cf. Intrusive rocks, under Intrusive.

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Toward noon, the doctor, for the purpose of burying the body, decided to descend into a ravine, in the midst of some plutonic rocks of primitive formation.
Plutonic rocks in this area include the Bell Lakes Suite, consisting of three mappable plutons of granodiorite and granite, the Goose Cove Brook Granodiorite, Timber Lake Dioritic Suite, and Indian Brook Granodiorite, all of which are considered as part of the 565-555 Ma calc-alkaline plutonic rocks associated with a continental margin subduction zone (Raeside and Barr 1992).
km, is located approximately 50 km northeast of Imperial Metals' Red Chris mine and is underlain by similar Triassic and Jurassic volcanic and plutonic rocks.
The hydrogeochemistry of fractured plutonic rocks in the Canadian Shield.
Stendal (2006): U-Pb dating of plutonic rocks involved in the nappe tectonics in southern Cameroon; Consequence for the Pan-African orogenic evolution of the central African fold belt Journal of African Earth Sciences, 44, 479-493
Lake Mead snakes through the mountains between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, straddling the state line between Arizona and Nevada, and the surrounding territory is a geological candy shop of Tertiary basin-fill sedimentary rocks and volcanic and plutonic rocks, boundaries, structural relief, strike-slip faults, lateral tectonic transport, and other features.
As the Saaremaa zone crosscuts the post-orogenic plutonic rocks, it can be considered as formed during postorogenic and anorogenic faulting phases.
2], is often blue but may be white or pink, occurs in both volcanic and plutonic rocks of the nepheline syenite family.
The anisotrophy and heterogeneity of coarse-grained plutonic rocks tend to create large variations in the degree of weathering, even on the same rock outcrop or stone.
With new technology, they (today's prospectors) can identify granitic, plutonic rocks and determine all the plutonic rocks of particular age that seem to have mineralization around them," Madonna says.