Pneumatic action

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(Mus.) a contrivance for overcoming the resistance of the keys and other movable parts in an organ, by causing compressed air from the wind chest to move them.

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All profits from the money raised will go towards the restoration of the chapel's grade II listed organ, one of the few examples of a pneumatic action instrument in Wales.
It has a rare pneumatic action and is thought to be one of the oldest working mechanical Conachers in England.
The organ, which has a rare pneumatic action, is thought to be one of the oldest working mechanical Conachers in England.
This is due to the way that an aeromechanical conveyor mimics the fluidization process of a fully pneumatic conveyor without potentially degrading the high-speed pneumatic action and cost associated with, in particular, lean phase pneumatic equipment.
Some produced organs of traditional type with slider windchest, but most were gradually moving over to cone windchest and later equipping their instruments with pneumatic action.
At the time in the Czech Lands, three other enterprises were building organs apart from the Rieger--Kloss Organ Factory: Organa Kutna Hora as a smaller producer of organs with pneumatic action often inserted into old organ cases; the organ division of the toy factory Igra Praha, which was mainly devoted to repairs but in the seventies was already managing to build new organs with mechanical action and slide wind-chest (1976 Nove Mesto in Moravia); and finally the organ workshop of the Drevopodnik Brno (City of Brno Wood Concern), which produced below-average pneumatic instruments that replaced older, often historically very valuable organs in South Moravia.
Production of new organs with pneumatic action was halted, for the management quickly grasped the changed situation.
Outfitted with a pneumatic action door, the overhead unit allows users to open and close the unit easily with the touch of a finger.
At the time it consisted of three manuals and pedal, tubular pneumatic action with30 speaking stops.