viral pneumonia

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Noun1.viral pneumonia - pneumonia caused by a virusviral pneumonia - pneumonia caused by a virus    
pneumonia - respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma (excluding the bronchi) with congestion caused by viruses or bacteria or irritants
viral infection, virus infection - infection by a virus that is pathogenic to humans
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The report rates the hospitals by measuring 150 medical procedures, including colon surgery, treatment of pneumonia, viral infection and chest pain, cesarean section, disc surgery, knee and hip replacement, and obesity procedures.
We compared serum LBP concentrations in patients with pneumonia caused by atypical pathogens with those found in the rest of the patients with pneumonia; we also compared them specifically with the concentrations in patients diagnosed as having bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, or pneumonia of unknown etiology.
Pneumonia caused by atypical organisms was associated with lower LBP values than were bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, and pneumonia of unknown origin.