Pocket piece

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a piece of money kept in the pocket and not spent.

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An acquaintance made an impromptu stop at a range to put a few rounds through his pocket piece.
Bianchi's new pocket holster, the Model 152 Pocket Piece, offers a unique "vertical assist" finger pad to help in drawing the holster from a pocket.
After the pattern is decided upon and drawn, the pocket (or curved) portion is transferred from the back piece of paper to the pocket piece, and then a hem of 1/4" to 1/2" is added around the bottom and sides of the pocket, allowing for the curvature of the clay in the assembly of the pocket.
On each pocket piece, fold top edge 1/2 inch to the outside.
About 20 years ago I decided to make it into a truly custom pocket piece.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] CONSTRUCT Stitch one interfaced pocket piece to the side panel with right sides together and at a 30[degrees] angle to the front: press the seam allowance toward the pocket.
Place one exterior fabric pocket piece and one lining fabric pocket piece right sides together.
Place one pocket piece on the garment front with right sides together.
Using the standard zipper foot and beginning 1/2" from the edge, stitch a pocket piece to either side of the zipper seam allowance.
As new true believers and hopeful gamblers are born, and as technology comes up with new ways to wager, the saga of bubble-and-crash may be repeated over and over - each time, allowing speculators to pocket pieces of regular people's savings.