n.1.(Bot.) Lignum-vitæ.
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Greg Massicote, said once the vehicles are collected, they are taken to the temporary derelict site at Pockwood Pond where they are stripped of certain parts, drained of their fluids, crushed and stockpiled for export.
The public is asked to continue taking residential waste to the incinerator in Pockwood Pond and galvanize and white goods to the debris management site in Cox Heath.
2008, where they inspected the new incinerator, which has been purchased for use at Pockwood Pond.
Abraham said, These feeders are Pockwood Pond East, Ridge Road 1 from the Long Bush Substation and Ridge Road 2 from the Long Swamp Substation.
Delta has three service stations in the BVI, one on Virgin Gorda, one in Pasea and another under renovation at Pockwood Pond.
The derelict vehicles are being transported to Pockwood Pond where oil and other contaminants will be removed from the vehicles to make the scrapping process more environmentally friendly, the Manager said.
Take abandoned home appliances and old tires to the Pockwood Pond Incinerator, and contact the Department of Waste Management for help with removal of derelict vehicles.
Speaking at the power station in Pockwood Pond, Minister for Communications and Works, Honourable Mark Vanterpool said that Government facilitated the completion of the very important development via the authorisation of the $35 million loan.
Phase V consisted of an expansion to the Pockwood Pond building, the installation of three new Wartsila generators with a total capacity of 25.