n.1.One who collects pods or pulse.
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Struggles was selected to do the same kind office for the hitherto unconquered Podder.
Luffey retired a few paces behind the wicket of the passive Podder, and applied the ball to his right eye for several seconds.
Nor was Podder behindhand in earning laurels wherewith to garnish himself and Muggleton.
I can well imagine these gentlemen to say, "If I were not Dumkins I would be Luffey; if I were not Podder I would be Struggles.
Gentlemen, I beg to surround with a rich halo of enthusiastic cheering the united names of "Dumkins and Podder.
Address : 18 Rabindra Sarani, Podder Court, 1st gate 1st Floor Kolkata-1
Odisha: 267 all out ( Govinda Podder 100, S Mundhe 6/ 62).
by Rabindra Kumar Pradhan, and Chinmaya Kumar Podder.
Joygopal Podder, Director, Action Aid, NGO says: "Like us, even the court knows that it was not an ordinary crime and the perpetrators, whatever their age, were no ordinary criminals.
Mandal, Podder, and Choudhuri (2012) in their study made an attempt to discuss the challenges for special libraries, importance of knowledge management and the role of library-information professionals, their possible contributions, vital competencies and skills unique to the 21 century if they want to survive in the digital era.
5) Soumen Podder "I took this shot at Naseem Garden during the eve of Muscat Festival, 2013.
For some applications, also baintic constituent may be desirable in the DP steel microstructure (Uthaisangsuk, 2008; Podder, 2007).