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Noun1.Podocarpus - evergreen trees or shrubsPodocarpus - evergreen trees or shrubs; sometimes classified as member of the family Taxaceae
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
family Podocarpaceae, Podocarpaceae, podocarpus family - gymnosperms with simple persistent needlelike or scalelike leaves
podocarp - any evergreen in the southern hemisphere of the genus Podocarpus having a pulpy fruit with one hard seed
Podocarpus coriaceus, yacca, yacca podocarp - West Indian evergreen with medium to long leaves
brown pine, Podocarpus elatus, Rockingham podocarp - large Australian tree with straight-grained yellow wood that turns brown on exposure
African yellowwood, cape yellowwood, Podocarpus elongatus - South African tree or shrub having a rounded crown
Podocarpus latifolius, South-African yellowwood - erect or shrubby tree of Africa having ridged dark grey bark and rigid glossy medium to long leaves
alpine totara, Podocarpus nivalis - low wide-spreading coniferous shrub of New Zealand mountains
Podocarpus totara, totara - valuable timber tree of New Zealand yielding hard reddish wood used for furniture and bridges and wharves
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Among the tree species planted were Diospyros Philippinensis or kamagong, Dillenia Grandifolia or katmon tree, Podocarpus or maki tree and Eugenia species and other species which were recommended by foresters.
Since the discovery of 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) in the leaves of Podocarpus nakai Hayata (Pinales: Podocarpaceae) in 1966 (Nakanishi et al.
Loja: Parque Nacional Podocarpus, E of Nudo de Cajanuma, trail E of Centro de Informacion to crest on trail to Lagunas de Compadre, 2850-3050 m, 4[degrees]05'S, 79[degrees]10'W, 7 Jun 1988, Ollgaard 74637 (AAU, QCA, QCNE).
In KwaZulu-Natal, larvae have been found on a variety of large forest trees, including Searsia chirindensis (Baker), Podocarpus latifolius (Thunb.
Mutagenicity, antimutagenicity and cytotoxicity evaluation of South African Podocarpus species.
Both study sites included large fragments of regenerating evergreen forests of Drimys winteri, Nothofagus nitida, Weinmannia trichosperma, several myrtaceous species, and the conifer Podocarpus nubigena (Veblen et al.
Resposta de sementes de Podocarpus lambertii e Podocarpus sellowii (podocarpaceae) a dessecacao.
Some arboreal and shrub species of the genera Acacia, Chusquea, Clusia, Cecropia, Hedyiosmum, Heliconia, Podocarpus and Weinmannia, and herbaceous species of the genera Bomarea, Carex, Oreobolus; as well as lichens and many species of orchids and bromeliads are present in the area (Foster 1985, 1986).
2005) reported no differences in size distribution of WSA between a native Podocarpus spp.
Ashagrie Y, Zech W, Guggenberger G (2005) Transformation of a Podocarpus falcatus dominated natural forest into a monoculture Eucalyptus globulus plantation at Munesa, Ethiopia: soil organic C, N and S dynamics in primary particle and aggregate-size fractions.
Sprayed at blossom time, it works on carob, carrotwood, elm, maple, oak, pine, podocarpus and more.
Also a first in the UAE, was the use of 'Bonsai' shaped Podocarpus trees.