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podophyllotoxin, podofilox

n podofilotoxina
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Evde uygulanabilecek yontemler arasinda podofilox %0,5 solusyon/jel (2x1, 3 gun sur, 4 gun surme, maksimum 4 siklus), imikimod %5 krem (greater than or equal to] 12 yas, 3 kez/hf, 6-10 saat sonra yika, maksimum 16 hf), Imikimod %3,75 merhem ([greater than or equal to] 12 yas, 1x1, 8 saat sonra yika, maksimum 8 hf) sayilabilir.
If such warts are treated, he recommended home care with imiquimod (Aldara) or podofilox (Condylox) to minimize psychological and physical trauma.
Treatments include antimitotics (podophyllum resin -- physician applied; podofilox -- home treatment), physically destructive agents (liquid nitrogen, trichloroacetic acid, electrocautery, laser vaporization), and surgical excision.