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Any of various aquatic plants of the family Podostemaceae, especially P. ceratophyllum of North America, which grows on rocks in rapidly flowing streams.


(Plants) a type of tropical and sub-tropical plant found growing near rivers out of hard surfaces like rock


(ˈrɪv ərˌwid)

any of several submerged aquatic plants of the genus Podostemum, family Podostemaceae, growing in rapid streams by clinging to stones with the roots.
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guianense larvae and pupae with Podostemaceae has been reported in the literature (e.
As analises deram suporte a monofilia de tres clados: Kielmeyeroideae, Clusioideae e Hypericoideae + Podostemaceae.
This contribution to the flora of Sao Paulo state, Brazil covers an interesting group of 12 flowering plant families, one monocot (Bromeliaceae) and eleven dicots (Araliaceae, Basellaceae, Bombacaceae, Cactaceae, Ebenaceae, Flacourtiaceae, Menispermaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Podostemaceae, Quiinaceae, Rubiaceae).
The presence of freshwater, necessary for rice, is confirmed by Podostemaceae, a moss found in submerged riverine habitats.
2008), some Podostemaceae (Cook & Rutishauser, 2007), and some cleistogamous flowers of Violaceae (Weibel, 1941), monosymmetry by reduction is present.