n.1.A miscellaneous dish of meats. See Olla-podrida.
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No poor, simple, virtuous body was ever cajoled by the attentions of an electioneering politician with more ease than Aunt Chloe was won over by Master Sam's suavities; and if he had been the prodigal son himself, he could not have been overwhelmed with more maternal bountifulness; and he soon found himself seated, happy and glorious, over a large tin pan, containing a sort of olla podrida of all that had appeared on the table for two or three days past.
That big dish that is smoking farther off," said Sancho, "seems to me to be an olla podrida, and out of the diversity of things in such ollas, I can't fail to light upon something tasty and good for me.
There is nothing in the world less nourishing than an olla podrida; to canons, or rectors of colleges, or peasants' weddings with your ollas podridas, but let us have none of them on the tables of governors, where everything that is present should be delicate and refined; and the reason is, that always, everywhere and by everybody, simple medicines are more esteemed than compound ones, for we cannot go wrong in those that are simple, while in the compound we may, by merely altering the quantity of the things composing them.
Did you know me better," returned the count, smiling, "you would not give one thought of such a thing for a traveller like myself, who has successively lived on maccaroni at Naples, polenta at Milan, olla podrida at Valencia, pilau at Constantinople, karrick in India, and swallows' nests in China.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [omicron] [la madera podrida, imposible de tallar] (p.
Contra esta pinche guerra, esta podrida impunidad y esta descarada corrupcion y falta de empatia, hay que volvernos mas precisos, mas estrategicos y concretos.
En la boca del dragon hay una mandarina podrida, ensartada en la lengua afilada como un estilete, una mandarina de verdad.
At the same time, Martyr shocks us with a frisson of domesticity: the earthen vessels are "not muche unlike unto oures," and the detail that the human, duck, and goose flesh lie "al in one pot" suggests a hodgepodge, olla podrida, or other one-pot stew of assorted and often leftover meats, a common household dish in Tudor-Stuart England.
Peter's College, the Flagellant (1792) of Westminster School, (1) Olla Podrida (1787-1788) of St.
So, he made do with castigating Brennecke's work as "olla podrida," that is, a hodge-podge but with strongly pejorative connotations (the word derives from the Latin putridus, putrid), and strengthening his efforts to shield himself with an even greater enforcement of privacy than hitherto.
The Olla Podrida, a specialty shopping center converted from an abandoned warehouse, utilized recycled building materials and architectural antiques.
This olla podrida of caprice, parochialism, statistical distortion, Marxist sermonising, and energetic fraud makes Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa seem like the last word in nuclear physics; but generations of political "scientists", not all of them Soviet stooges, managed to take it seriously.