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Noun1.Poeciliidae - topminnows
fish family - any of various families of fish
Cypriniformes, order Cypriniformes - an order of animals including almost entirely freshwater fishes: characins; loaches; carp; suckers; sometimes classified as a suborder of Ostariophysi
live-bearer, poeciliid, poeciliid fish, topminnow - small usually brightly-colored viviparous surface-feeding fishes of fresh or brackish warm waters; often used in mosquito control
Gambusia, genus Gambusia - mosquitofish
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It is a small member of the Poecilidae family (females 3cm long, males 2cm) and like all other members of the family, is live-bearing.
PLEURONECTIDAE Hypsopsetta guttulata Pleuronichthys ritteri Pleuronichthys coenosus POECILIDAE Gambusia affinis RHINOBATIDAE Rhinobatos productus SCIAENIDAE Seriphus politus SERRANIDAE Paralabrax clathratus Paralabrax maculatofasciatus Paralabrax nebulifer SYNGNATHIDAE Syngnathus leptorhynchus TOTAL FISH COLLECTED Family Common name 1986 1987 1988 1989 ALBULIDAE Bonefish (*) ATHERINOPSIDAE Topsmelt 1651 7 2611 3862 BLENNIIDAE Bay blenny 4 Rockpool blenny 1 Mussel blenny 1 1 BOTHIDAE California halibut 114 65 99 64 CARCHARHINDAE Gray smoothhound COTTIDAE Unid.
Other parthenogenetic vertebrates occur among fishes in the families Poecilidae, Atherinidae, Cottidae, and Cyprinidae, and amphibians in the families Ambystomatidae and Ranidae (Vrijenhoek et al.