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Noun1.Poephila - grassfinches
bird genus - a genus of birds
grass finch, grassfinch - usually brightly-colored Australian weaverbirds; often kept as cage birds
Poephila castanotis, zebra finch - small Australian weaverbird with markings like a zebra's
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Schodde & Mason (1999) reclassified the 20 Australian species into eight genera; they lumped Aegintha, Aidemosyne, Chloebia, and Padda into various genera, but split Emblema into two genera (Emblema and Stagonopleura) and Poephila into two genera (Poephila and Taeniopygia).
It was absent or only a slight bump in five genera and in three species of Estrilda, Poephila bichenovii, and eight species of Lonchura.
The phylogenetic relationships among four species of Estrildid finches, Poephila quttata castonotis, P.
It does support their inclusion in the genus Poephila.