pogo stick

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po·go stick

A metal pole having footrests attached to a spring and a handlebar, used for recreational jumping.

[From Pogo, a former trademark.]

pogo stick

a stout pole with a handle at the top, steps for the feet and a spring at the bottom, so that the user can spring up, down, and along on it
[C20: of uncertain origin]

po′go stick`

or po′go-stick`

(ˈpoʊ goʊ)
a long stick with footrests and a spring, used as a toy for leaping.
[1920–25; pogo, formerly a trademark]

pogo stick

- Came onto the scene around 1921, but is of uncertain etymology, possibly from "pole" and "go."
See also related terms for pole.
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Noun1.pogo stick - plaything consisting of a pole with foot rests and a strong springpogo stick - plaything consisting of a pole with foot rests and a strong spring; propelled by jumping
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with

pogo stick

nSpringstock m
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Last March he completed the Greater Manchester Marathon in 16 hours and 24 minutes - on a pogostick, of course - earning him world records for the longest distance pogoed in 24 hours and the fastest marathon.
He explains: "Due to experiencing the true power of a rubberband at a young age, the pogostick is a skill I had the courage to attempt and conquer about four years ago although I have had many close shaves trust me
You don't know whether you're coming or going because your hormones are more unbalanced than an elephant on a pogostick, you're more than likely covered in acne, have very little money and the girl or boy of your dreams doesn't even know you exist.