diminishing returns

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di·min·ish·ing returns

A yield rate that after a certain point fails to increase proportionately to additional outlays of capital or investments of time and labor.

diminishing returns

pl n
1. (Economics) progressively smaller rises in output resulting from the increased application of a variable input, such as labour, to a fixed quantity, as of capital or land
2. (Economics) the increase in the average cost of production that may arise beyond a certain point as a result of increasing the overall scale of production

dimin′ishing returns′

any rate of profit, production, benefits, etc., that beyond a certain point fails to increase proportionately with added investment, effort, or skill.
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Each gun has a valve with a different internal capacity and different flow characteristics, but there will always be a finite point of diminishing returns.
At many of these complex sites, a point of diminishing returns will often occur as contaminants in groundwater remain stalled at levels above drinking water standards despite continued active remedial efforts.
We have definitely reached a point of diminishing returns with our form; we aren't going to get much better, no matter how hard we practice
The resulting tension is excruciating to the point of diminishing returns, as shots detailing the character's agony are often held too long, and in too-tight closeup.
As Figure 1 graphically illustrates, when one's stress level increases from zero, the level of one's performance (the quality or the quantity of one's results) goes up as well; but only to a point, at which we reach the classic point of diminishing returns.
While UBS analysts applauded past MillerCoors synergy savings, they said the JV has reached a point of diminishing returns.
We are nowhere near the point of diminishing returns in engineering software for better-performing offshore structures - ranging from shallow water fixed oil platforms to deep water tethered wind farms - particularly as to their safety and resilience.
Because of the mounting social costs of incarceration, the benefits of prison have reached a point of diminishing returns.
Accuracy also reaches the point of diminishing returns as heavier bullet weights outpace the ability of the rifling twist to handle them.
Though drawn with sympathy and respect, the Salinger unveiled here is an object lesson to writers and artists against committing to a personal vision beyond the point of diminishing returns.
The unprecedented step of just shutting down a business has reached the point of diminishing returns and it's time to get back to work," Watson said.