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Noun1.question of law - a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decidequestion of law - a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decide
question, head - the subject matter at issue; "the question of disease merits serious discussion"; "under the head of minor Roman poets"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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As a magistrate, he had generally some point of law to consult John about, or, at least, some curious anecdote to give; and as a farmer, as keeping in hand the homefarm at Donwell, he had to tell what every field was to bear next year, and to give all such local information as could not fail of being interesting to a brother whose home it had equally been the longest part of his life, and whose attachments were strong.
Genestas and the doctor exchanged glances; each concealed his amazement at the ingenious device by which the man had sought to learn the truth about this point of law.
I don't pretend to know how the point of law may stand, but I'm thoroughly confident upon the point of fact.
Delamayn consulted me on a dry point of law, in which a friend of his was interested," said Sir Patrick.
BUZZARDS remain protected (Chronicle, November 21) but a clear point of law was decided last week by the High Court: Natural England (NE), which decides all wildlife management licences, must consider any application for the control of protected birds on its merits, without distinguishing between species or the purpose for which a licence is being sought.
I am being punished for not knowing this obscure point of law.
COULD anyone of your good readership, please clarify a point of law for me?
is decision has been reached on a technical point of law and not due to any impropriety involving any oY=cers involved in the investigation.
When a death row inmate appeals to the Supreme Court, he or she does so on the basis of a point of law and simultaneously seeks a stay so that issue can be debated.
Kevin Clarke, of flight compo specialist law firm Bott & Co, said: "The airlines are twisting what should be a very straightforward point of law, effectively denying passengers their right to compensation.
Judges in Belfast yesterday agreed to certify a point of law question for William Wong's lawyers to take to the Supreme Court in London.
It argued over a technical point of law but lost their case heard at the Court of Appeal in London last December 19.