Question of privilege

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(Parliamentary practice) a question which concerns the security of a member of a legislative body in his special privileges as such.

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Rising on a point of personal privilege on April 1, 2015, Mr.
It is truly my distinct honor and point of personal privilege to present the 2015 William Donald Schaefer Award in my home county to my dear friend, Tammy Darvish-a dedicated philanthropist, a champion for financial readiness, and an exceptional citizen to our region and out state.
As a point of personal privilege, General Thurman, let me also note that I'm looking forward to 2021, when your beloved Oklahoma Sooners are next scheduled to play the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Just as the debate on the question was about to ensue yesterday, it was interrupted on a point of personal privilege, at which point 10 senators scurried to the president's rostrum with many worried about the possibility their texting liberties on the Senate floor were in danger.
Finally, allow me a point of personal privilege, to mention an excerpt from my new book, "Going Dirty: The Art of Negative Campaigning," (Rowman & Littlefield, 2006).
Two days later, the Board of Directors called a meeting, where Judge Bolin spoke on a point of personal privilege.
On a point of personal privilege, I served three years, four months and 12 days with the U.
There are other examples but these will do for the time being, though let me take a moment for a point of personal privilege and note the Brooklyn Dodgers, a laughing-stock team synonymous with "Wait till next year.
Raising a point of personal privilege, he said that since his family descended from pro-Union Louisianans, he had no trouble being called an abolitionist.