Point switch

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1.(Railroads) A switch made up of a rail from each track, both rails being tapered far back and connected to throw alongside the through rail of either track.
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The construction of a new railway station with four railway junctions, point switch / gap closure of seven points, power supply 50 Hz for four railway transitions.
At some point switch to eighth notes to increase the speed at which you must make decisions.
The ATM backbone consists of an 8260 Nways Multiprotocol Switching Hub with Control Point Switch and Multiprotocol Switched Service (MSS) server modules in each of the center's four buildings.
Audio jack MIC/GND cross point switch (FSA8049) provides audio jack detection for 3- or 4-pole accessories.
To address this challenge, Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE:FCS) has added the FSA8049 MIC/GND cross point switch that complies with two audio configuration jack standards to its high-performance analog mobile audio device portfolio.
The PS8325 Dual Mode DisplayPort Cross Point Switch is an exceptionally versatile device suitable for multiple applications.
The NB4L7210 is a clock or data 2x10 cross point switch which can be used to replace several smaller multiplexers or cross point switches up to 2Ghz.
Bandspeed's 940K Series Gypsy(TM) Wireless Access Point Switch can support an area and capacity equivalent to six 802.
The Gypsy Wireless Access Point Switch architecture provides a versatile architecture for deployment of standards compliant 802.
to power its 940K Series Gypsy Wireless Access Point Switch.
Bandspeed's Wireless Access Point Switch is a next-generation solution that enables the deployment of spatial division multiple access (SDMA) sectorized switching in IEEE 802.
The Bandspeed board addition comes as the company begins shipping its revolutionary 940K Wireless Access Point Switch product bundle.