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 (pwăN-kä-rā′), Jules Henri 1854-1912.
French mathematician and physicist who made a number of contributions to the fields of celestial mechanics and algebraic topology.


, Raymond 1860-1934.
French politician who served as president (1913-1920) and prime minister (1912-1913, 1922-1924, and 1926-1929).


(French pwɛ̃kare)
1. (Biography) Jules Henri (ʒyl ɑ̃ri). 1854–1912, French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher. He made important contributions to the theory of functions and to astronomy and electromagnetic theory
2. (Biography) his cousin, Raymond (rɛmɔ̃). 1860–1934, French statesman; premier of France (1912–13; 1922–24; 1926–29); president (1913–20)


(pwɛ̃ kaˈreɪ)

1. Jules Henri, 1854–1912, French mathematician.
2. his cousin Raymond, 1860–1934, president of France 1913–20.
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