Poison cup

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1.A cup containing poison.
2.A cup that was supposed to break on having poison put into it.
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But the Iranian side of the war became so exhausted that in August 1988 that Imam Khomeini was compelled to accept a UNSC truce call - an acceptance so humiliating that he had to declare that he had been compelled to drink from the poison cup by giving into persistent advice by then Parliament Speaker Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
The Poison Cup in Chicago has been hosting Monday evening painting classes with Bottles & Brushes for the past year.
It gave him the opportunity to move away from the poison cup, and his image of a threatened man who is unjustly treated will increase his popularity.
The baneful alchemy of the poison cup of this colourless, inodorous, but exceptionally bitter tasting, crystalline powder works upon the cerebro-spinal system and its nervous network throughout the body.
The Daily Post's reporter wrote: ``There is reason to suppose that many Flanagans employ the poison cup without fear ofdiscovery.
The Liverpool Daily Post of February 18th, 1884, claimed `There is reason to suppose that many Flanagans employ the poison cup without fear of discovery', while as long ago as September 1849 Punch had carried a satirical dialogue between a ragged little girl, trying to buy `as much arsenic as you can for two-pence halfpenny, to kill rats', to which the chemist's assistant replied, `Rats, eh?
Variations on Christian ideals resulted: marriage as a bond of kinship and comradeship rather than the patriarchal head-body paradigm based on Ephesians; the female religious as soldier of Christ rather than virginal bride, with an accompanying emphasis upon intentional purity rather than virginal intactness; the image of Eve as the woman with the poison cup, dispensing bad advice and death, rather than as sensual seductress.
On February 18, 1884, the Liverpool Daily Post said: ``There is reason to suppose that many Flanagans employ the poison cup without fear of discovery.
A smooth transfer of power means that they offer you the poison cup and that you drink it.
In short, asking Hezbollah to calmly react to the indictment would be like asking it to drink a poison cup, and it is something that it will not do.
Aoun considers any resident of the palace as its occupier, even if he has personally elected him and drunk the poison cup.
However, it did not occur to the attendees who came to the platform to pledge their obedience and allegiance that the Cesar had invited them to offer them poison cups.