mushroom poisoning

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Noun1.mushroom poisoning - toxic condition caused by eating certain species of mushrooms (especially Amanita species)
food poisoning, gastrointestinal disorder - illness caused by poisonous or contaminated food
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Following the death of the King of the Elephants, who had eaten a poisonous mushroom, a council of elephants approach Babar saying that as he has "lived among men and learned much", and so would be suitable to become the new King.
People often ask me whether I'm concerned about eating a poisonous mushroom.
Eating a wild poisonous mushroom, raw or cooked, can result in people becoming very ill and, in some cases, it can result in liver failure.
PATRICK'S CHURCH IS NOW a modern structure consisting of two red-brick tetrahedrons sprung up, like some poisonous mushroom, over the transformed landscape.
In another section of the book, the Jew is described as the "most poisonous mushroom in existence.
He supplies mushrooms to Boston restaurants and joked he would have to feed a poisonous mushroom to anyone to whom he revealed his hunting places.
Because virtually no other mushrooms resemble morels during their prime growing season, the chance of bringing home a poisonous mushroom is greatly reduced.
The poisonous mushroom Russula Emetica, commonly known as "the sickener", is hoarded and eaten by the red squirrel.
of a poisonous mushroom and the circulation of the heart through its four chambers] and photographs of maps [e.
bull's muzzle, the poisonous mushroom and a meaningless moon in the
Legend has it that the Buddha died by ingesting a poisonous mushroom that was given to him by a peasant believing it to be a delicacy.
Der Giftpilz (variously translated as The Poisonous Mushroom or The Terrible Toadstool), (12) began innocently enough by describing a favorite German pastime.