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Noun1.Pokomo - a Bantu language spoken in the Kenyan coastal areas of East Africa
Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent
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With the aim of accomplishing this task, the World Bank's position was that the Pokomo community residing in Mchelelo village, within the 171sq km Tana River Primate National Reserve (TRPNR) and the Wardei adjacent to its environs should be resettled away from the reserve to facilitate primate conservation.
25 per acre per year, planted a pilot crop, but withdrew in recent months, citing last year's ethnic violence between the Orma tribe (herders) and the Pokomo (farmers) over grazing rights.
Last weeks clashes between the pokomo and orma communities in Tana delta region, raised concern over security in the Country.
not a result of the scramble of land or other resources," said police spokesman Eric Kiraithe about tit-for-tat raids between the Orma and Pokomo communities in the coastal region.
Violence in the region first erupted in August, pitting the Pokomo farming community against their Orma pastoralist neighbours and leading to a series of vicious reprisal killings and attacks that left more than 150 people dead.
Selon la police et la Croix-Rouge kenyanes, l'attaque a oppose des membres des communautes orma et pokomo, comme a plusieurs reprises depuis aout dans la meme region, celle du delta de la riviere Tana.
Raiders, settled farmers from the Pokomo ethnic group, attacked semi-nomadic Orma pastoralists with guns, machetes and spears.
The attack started before dawn Friday when a group of ethnic Pokomo, armed with spears and firearms, raided a village belonging to the Orma people.
Anthony Kamitu, who is leading police operations to prevent attacks in the region, said the Pokomo tribe of farmers, armed with spears and AK-47 rifles, raided a village of the semi-nomadic Orma herding community at dawn in the Tana River Delta.
Violence flared between groups belonging to the Pokomo and the Orma tribes.
Others ethnicities include Somali, Orma, Pokomo and Miji Kenda, who have all made these islands their home.
They argue that ethnic groups are fighting to steal cattle and take over grazing lands and scarce water sources from other ethnic groups--very much like the cattle raid between the Kenya Pokot and Markwet or the clashes over grazing rights between the Pokomo and Orma communities in Kenya.