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v. po·lar·ized, po·lar·iz·ing, po·lar·iz·es
a. To induce polarization in or impart polarity to.
b. To design so as to permit light only of a certain polarization: Are these sunglasses polarized?
2. To cause to divide into two conflicting or opposing groups: The issue of slavery polarized the nation.
1. To acquire polarity.
2. To cause polarization of light or permit light of a certain polarization.
3. To become divided into two conflicting or opposing groups: The town is polarizing into opposing factions over the issue.

po′lar·iz′a·ble adj.
po′lar·iz′er n.


(ˈpəʊləˌraɪzə) or


a person or a device that causes polarization
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ABOUT REVO Founded in 1985, Revo quickly became a global performance eyewear brand known as the leader in polarized lens technology.
The crystal clear mineral glass 8‐layer polarized lens has up to 6x scratch resistance and is oil and water‐resistant.
It will feature low bezel height, optical bonded glass for optimized daylight readability, viewable with polarized lens, LED backlight, multiple datalinks (2x CAN, 2x Ethernet, 2x USB & 1x RS485), and external output drivers for audible alarms.
He covers a few digital tools--including a couple of iPhone apps--and provides instructions for making useful tools such as a monopod from a hay fork handle, a polarized lens from a pair of sunglasses, foamcore light reflectors, and tables using homemade sawhorses and hollow-core doors.
In addition, the show will discuss Kaenon's brand history and the company's passion-driven focus on innovation, including their patented SR-91[R] polarized lens technology, award-winning eyewear and industry-pioneering manufacturing processes.
A new polarized lens technology, ChromaPop has been declared by the Smith Optics, that it promises will revolutionize the optics industry with groundbreaking "film-free" technology.
It also offers an explanation as to why NuPolar lenses are the thinnest possible polarized lens choice for a patient's prescription.

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