Pole mast

(Naut.) a mast formed from a single piece or from a single tree.

See also: Pole

References in classic literature ?
He was the commander and owner of the only tug-boat on the river, a very trim white craft of 150 tons or more, as elegantly neat as a yacht, with a round wheel-house rising like a glazed turret high above her sharp bows, and with one slen der varnished pole mast forward.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Supply of IP Spares for Combat Management System, METOC, Pole Mast and VSS.
Road, Quinton, erection of forward extension to include new porch and alterations to roof over existing garage' 109 Croftdown Road, Harborne, erection of two storey side extension' 44 Gorsy Road, Quinton, erection of two storey side extension' 762 Bristol Road, Big John, Selly Oak, replace existing telecommunications antennas with wall mounted flag pole mast 12.
Vodafone is seeking planning consent for a 12-metre-high pole mast in the grounds of Colwyn Bay Cricket Club.
Planning officer Doreen Meeling said the applicant felt a lattice mast, which is less solid than a pole mast, was the most appropriate design.
8226; Automatic Weather Stations near RWY thresholds serving as Wind Measurement Systems contain sensors with accessories and data logger mounted on ten metre high fully frangible pole masts located by TDZ and Stop End of the runway.