Police jury

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a body of officers who collectively exercise jurisdiction in certain cases of police, as levying taxes, etc.; - so called in Louisiana.

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Members of the Keystone Club at the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central Louisiana will host an anti-tobacco rally in the Police Jury parking lot in Ruston .
Assumption Parish Police Jury reported that on Tuesday 400-500 feet of the berm had sunk underwater, writing in a report, "the depth to the top of the berm is 3'9" at it's deepest point.
The Ten Commandments will not be displayed in a Louisiana courthouse, thanks to a vote by the Rapides Parish Police Jury.
About the time I was born, he was elected to the parish Police Jury (Louisiana's system of parish, or county, government), where he served as president for a while, and he had a grand old time driving around the parish, getting folks gravel for their dirt roads, and generally contributing to the public welfare.
As the court lined up outside the house - with the jury flanked by ushers and police Jury Protection unit detectives - lace curtains twitched and a young boy peered out with his nose pressed against the window to see what the fuss was.
As the court figures lined up outside the house - flanked by ushers and Metroplitan Police Jury Protection unit detectives - the grimy lace curtains twitched and a young boy peered out with his nose pressed against the window glass to see what the fuss was.
The Red River Police Jury has been instrumental in supporting the location of the facility.
The zoning board considers the proposal and then it will go to the Calcasieu Police Jury for final action.
Post, III, Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal, Mayor of Monroe Jamie Mayo and Ouachita Parish Police Jury Vice President Walt Caldwell.
The taxing authorities that are participating include: the Police Jury, Fire District, Tax Assessor's Office, the Sheriff's Department, Cameron Parish School Board, Mosquito Abatement District No.
Parish officials first wanted to repave around 30 miles of road throughout the parish, but the Police Jury voted on 11 March 2014, to add around 9 miles to the project for 39 miles total, or around 6.
The Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury is the actual builder and owner of the facility and has leased the facility to the SLRF for management.