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Although more municipalities are selecting Tahoes due to their low cost of ownership and high resale value, Chevrolet still has the most comprehensive police lineup in the market.
The FBI is rapidly automating the process of identifying crime suspects by running photographs through a digital police lineup.
In this latest case, the Emirati husband Ali Mohammad Al Tamimi was asked to identify suspects from a police lineup late Thursday, that may have been part of a four-member gang that smashed in the flat door with guns, hammers and knives while three other gang members waited outside as lookouts.
The shopkeeper then recognised the accused in a police lineup of suspects.
A witness two decades later came forward and said he had been coached to identify Ranta from a police lineup.
The claimant identified the defendants in the police lineup three times.
Its layout is both more citizen- friendly - with a dedicated parking lot and larger reception area - and more officer-friendly - with on-site exercise facilities and police lineup rooms - than the department's City Hall home.
Speaking to a newspaper, TE-rkoy-lu said he has not decided whether to resign, and laid the blame for the police lineup scandal on a public prosecutor.
The major suspect and other individuals involved in attacking five of Kuwait jet ski team members in Dubai have been arrested and will be put on the police lineup for further confirmation, deputy commander-in-chief of Dubai Police General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina stated.
Last week the Sunday Mercury revealed how Kalloghlian's victim, 25-year-old Vincent Noott, tracked down his assailant on the social networking website before picking him out of a police lineup.
The key evidence at his trial in Florida in 1974 was a positive identification given by the victim during the kind of police lineup that anyone who's seen an episode of Law & Order would recognize.
Led by the 2012 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV), the brand's 2012 police lineup beat the competition at the recent Michigan State Police testing in Chelsea and Grattan, Mich.