Polishing wheel

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a wheel or disk coated with, or composed of, abrading material, for polishing a surface.

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Tenders are invited for Supply of polishing wheel ultra touch for beml bangalore complex
These are available from Brownells (#184-020-000AQJ and are used with an abrasive drum or polishing wheel.
As seen in Figure 6, lower speeds on the polishing wheel can help create more shallow scratches and minimize the effect of the differences in hardness of the polymeric matrix and the glass fibers.
For example, by implementing the latest grinding and polishing wheel technologies, Banner has been able to provide OEMs with faster feed rates, improved productivity and superior quality.
But scientists recently noticed odd particles on the polishing wheel surface that couldn't have resulted from fracturing.
One half was polished using a conventional laboratory polishing method: coarse pumice, water and lathe bristle brush for 90 seconds at a rate of 1500 rpm and soft leather polishing wheel for 90 seconds at a rate of 3000 rpm.
The kit includes an 8" x 3/4" silicone-carbide wheel and a 8"x 3/4" slotted polishing wheel that will fit any 6" bench grinder motor (not included) that turns a minimum of 3,000 RPM's with a 1/2" or 5/8" arbor.