Political arithmetic

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the application of the science of numbers to problems in civil government, political economy, and social science.

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When applied to this object, the saying is as just as it is witty, that, "in political arithmetic, two and two do not always make four.
Finally, 2018 is another year of engaging in campaigns, politicking and political arithmetic either to gain power or to retain power.
Mr Mudavadi is also well-wired in Kenya's political arithmetic.
It's the same political arithmetic that kept conservative Democrats in the speaker's office instead of liberals when that party was in power.
There were no personal insults or prolonged history lectures, which would have been inflammatory in decorous Japan, just the deliberate rhetoric of a political leader who had, finally, calculated the odds and done the political arithmetic.
Political arithmetic also appears to support Brown's play-it-safe strategy.
The current political arithmetic of J&K is such that it allows only one two-party combination to rule the state and that is the PDP, which has 27 seats and the BJP 25 in the 87-member assembly.
Given the political arithmetic, and political equations, it is my considered view that a Constitutional amendment would be unlikely to sail through Parliament.
But the moot point is, this new political arithmetic has given the people of the state enough reason to seek a recalibration in terms of the more rudimentary demands of everyday existence -- better infrastructure, better education, better employment opportunities, better health services and most of all, a sustainable peace.
In the midst of the continuing political arithmetic and quest for compromise, the overall situation in the state can be classified neither as one which is ascendant nor on a descent.
I DO not agree with the editorial comment in yesterday's Journal that 'the Liberal Democrats did the right thing in 2010, the political arithmetic meant a coalition with the Conservatives was the only realistic option'.
The product of a lifetime of studying the workings of economies and skillfully employing the tools of economics, Political Arithmetic is simultaneously a history of a key period of economic thought and a testament to the power of applied ideas.
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