Political arithmetic

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the application of the science of numbers to problems in civil government, political economy, and social science.

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In the latter respect his commitment has been derided by senior figures within his party, and it is not inconceivable that he could change his mind in the light of the political arithmetic that emerges on Friday morning.
But the moot point is, this new political arithmetic has given the people of the state enough reason to seek a recalibration in terms of the more rudimentary demands of everyday existence -- better infrastructure, better education, better employment opportunities, better health services and most of all, a sustainable peace.
In the midst of the continuing political arithmetic and quest for compromise, the overall situation in the state can be classified neither as one which is ascendant nor on a descent.
I DO not agree with the editorial comment in yesterday's Journal that 'the Liberal Democrats did the right thing in 2010, the political arithmetic meant a coalition with the Conservatives was the only realistic option'.
That is fortunate political arithmetic for the speaker.
The product of a lifetime of studying the workings of economies and skillfully employing the tools of economics, Political Arithmetic is simultaneously a history of a key period of economic thought and a testament to the power of applied ideas.
President-elect Pranab Mukherjee will take oath as the thirteenth president of the country on Wednesday, ending days of speculations and political arithmetic.
This is the simple arithmetic, yet no one can say for sure what the outcome of the political arithmetic will be, Dnevnik comments.
The majority leader has some levers he can pull - but the Senate's political arithmetic is working against him.
The reality is that keeping on the right side of the Americans is the name of the game and that the numbers and the racial origins of the exiled islanders are both important factors when doing the political arithmetic.
The second chapter, 'The Political Arithmetic of Piracy', provides a very good quantification of the impact, which was perhaps far greater than we would expect.
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