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tr.v. dis·fran·chised, dis·fran·chis·ing, dis·fran·chis·es
1. To deprive of a privilege, immunity, or right of citizenship, especially the right to vote; disenfranchise.
2. To deprive (a corporation, for example) of a privilege or franchise.

dis·fran′chise′ment (-chīz′mənt, -chĭz-) n.
dis·fran′chis′er n.
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Noun1.disfranchisement - the discontinuation of a franchise; especially the discontinuation of the right to vote
discontinuance, discontinuation - the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent)
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The conflicts are also noted to have underlying factors such as political disenfranchisement and territorial claims.
This is blamed on the unproductive expenditure of the rich, persistence of low levels of human capital and political disenfranchisement and instability.
The Secular Coalition of America, American Atheists, the Secular Student Alliance and others will discuss how the voices of the fastest-growing segment of the "faith" demographic in the USA are raised to fight the spate of discriminatory court rulings from SCOTUS and other instances of political disenfranchisement around the country.
Despite developments in agriculture, education and some social services, crime rates in the cities, soon after Independence began to rise, the product perhaps of economic and political disenfranchisement.
Saleh told independent satellite channel Al-Hayah on Tuesday that the amendments to the 2012 constitution drafted by the legal experts' committee rejected the political disenfranchisement law due to its violation of the "generalisation principle", reported state-run news agency MENA.
The court also ruled the Political Disenfranchisement Law - which, if applied could have led to the disqualification of Ahmed Shafiq from Egypt's just-concluded presidential race - to be similarly unconstitutional.
They deal with the country's Parliamentary Elections Law, and the Political Disenfranchisement Law.
Furthermore, stagnating income levels, latent food insecurity, unemployment, and the lack of social perspectives have exacerbated a sense of political disenfranchisement and mistrust toward the public sector," said the report.
Horowitz successfully challenges this judgment in an intellectual history of an ideologically inclusive philanthropic agenda that attempted to carve out a viable space in the public sphere for Russia's Jews while protecting communal identity from the threats of political disenfranchisement, cultural marginalization, and the siren song of diaspora nationalism.
Yet it comes at the cost of social standing, economic opportunity, public harassment, boycott, political disenfranchisement and a less comfortable way of life,.