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The organized activity or an instance of soliciting money or pledges, as for charitable organizations or political campaigns.

fund′raise′ v.


fund-raising [ˈfʌndreɪzɪŋ]
ncollecte f de fonds
adj [dinner, event] → organisé pour collecter des fonds
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Dating back to the Schaefer administration, it has been against state regulation for political fundraising events to occur in Lawyers' Mall, DGS stated, referring to the governorship of William Donald Schaefer from 1987 to 1995.
The White House retorted that only a person whose mind was"in the gutter" would think the president was talking about anything but the way political fundraising means"special interests control our government.
Rod Blagojevich to help clarify the line between legal and illegal political fundraising.
We will continue to innovate in all that we do, including making sensible changes in political fundraising, because campaign finance reform is criminal justice reform," he said.
Earlier this year, a large number of races were expected to be highly competitive and political fundraising appeared to be highly encouraging through the summer.
Strengthening the rules to address coordination between political actors and third parties Expanding the definition of a political contribution to include paid labour Promoting greater transparency in political fundraising events by requiring political parties to post event details to their public websites, including information such as the fees charged to attendees and the intended recipients of those funds.
In the cat-and-mouse game of political fundraising, a late surge in donations and ad spending can catch an opponent off-guard and without enough time to respond.
Patrick "PC" Sweeney shares his experience with systems designed for political fundraising campaigns, encouraging librarians to open up to the idea that collecting and keeping patron data may not be such a bad idea or antithetical to library values.
The question is, how does competition from political fundraising affect donor giving to nonprofit organizations?
Despite his criticism of the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 that directly led to the creation of the Super-PAC, a political fundraising organization which can receive and spend unlimited money from individuals and corporations in an election as long it does not coordinate their efforts with any candidate's campaign, Bush had so far been supported in this election cycle by millions of dollars spent by Right to Rise, a Super-PAC that pulled in 118 million dollars last year.
The primaries aren't until March, but political fundraising has already started and will accelerate after Labor Day.
It is seeking out candidates to let them know there's a better choice at a better price for online political fundraising.