political prisoner

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political prisoner

A person who has been imprisoned, detained, or otherwise isolated for involvement in political activity.

political prisoner

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) someone imprisoned for holding, expressing, or acting in accord with particular political beliefs

polit′ical pris′oner

a person who is imprisoned because of political beliefs or offenses.
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Noun1.political prisoner - someone who is imprisoned because of their political viewspolitical prisoner - someone who is imprisoned because of their political views
captive, prisoner - a person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war
سجين سياسي
politický vězeň
politikai fogoly
pólitískur fangi
politický väzeň
siyasi tutuklu


(ˈpolitiks) noun singular or plural
the science or business of, or ideas about, or affairs concerning, government.
poˈlitical adjective
of, or concerning, politics. for political reasons; political studies.
poˈlitically adverb
poˌlitically corˈrect adjective
(also PC) (of language or behaviour) that does not offend particular groups of people. It is politically correct to use `he or she', and not just `he', when you mean a man or a woman.
ˌpoliˈtician (-ˈtiʃən) noun
a person whose job is politics; a member of parliament.
political asylum
protection given by a government to a foreigner who has left his own country for political reasons.
political prisoner
a person who has been imprisoned for political reasons and not for any crime.
political ˈscience noun
a field of study dealing with politics, government and other political institutions.
References in classic literature ?
She only knew that there had been an attack upon the prisons, that all political prisoners had been in danger, and that some had been dragged out by the crowd and murdered.
There were some Polish exiles, political prisoners, among them.
Hearing a great noise of footsteps in the hall and aware that political prisoners were brought over sometimes at night from the fortress, he opened the door of the room in which he was working, suddenly.
He told how his vessel had been run down by a steamer; how he had been boarded by Malay pirates; how his ship had caught fire; how he helped a political prisoner escape from a South African republic; how he had been wrecked one fall on the Magdalens and stranded there for the winter; how a tiger had broken loose on board ship; how his crew had mutinied and marooned him on a barren island--these and many other tales, tragic or humorous or grotesque, did Captain Jim relate.
The political prisoners of Bahrain's al-Hawz al-Jaf prison announced that they will go on hunger-strike in protest at the prison guards' misconduct and long and repeated solitary confinement of inmates.
Right now, close to 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners are in Israeli jails.
THREE DAYS after Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed directed the Director General of Police ( DGP) to release political prisoners who have not been facing criminal charges, a highprofile prisoner and separatist leader Masarat Alam Bhat, accused of spearheading 2010 mass anti- India agitation in Kashmir, was released on Saturday.
Manila: The Philippine government is expected to respond positively to calls for the release of almost 500 political prisoners and for the resumption of peace talks between the government and the 46-year old Communist party of the Philippines that have been stalled for two years, sources said.
Syed Ali Gilani in a statement issued in Srinagar (Indian Occupied) said that Kashmir was a disputed territory and all prisoners related to the dispute were political prisoners who could not be detained for whole life or treated as criminals, reported.
He also contested claims that Bahrain had rounded up large numbers of political prisoners.
Political grounds One prisoner held on political grounds was among those freed, according to Ye Aung, a representative of the Former Political Prisoners Support Group, which is working closely with the government on negotiating the release of remaining dissidents.
Although the Judiciary defends the treatment of political prisoners in Tehran's Evin Prison, it has replaced several officers at the prison in recent weeks, the Green Movement's Kaleme website is reporting.