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(Eng. Hist.) the union of Great Britain and Ireland, which took place Jan. 1, 1801.

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Else there would be no meaning in political unions or any other movement that knows what it's about.
Originally from Horncastle, she was a teacher and local secretary of the Women's Social and Political Union.
We should have a political union, there is no doubt about it.
Thus, I am certain to upset some Greek Cypriots with the assertion that the goal of the political union of Cyprus with Greece is obsolete and outdated.
All the oil discovered so far belongs to the UK, a legally binding political union of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.
The main reason for this decline is not that China has given up on its pursuit of national unification with the island; on the contrary, Beijing remains staunchly committed to political union with Taipei.
And he will have to acknowledge Germany's concerns that by establishing a fiscal union now, Europe would lose the opportunity to pursue a political union in the future.
Despite the resident's tirades against the EU, Abella said the country's relationship with the political union 'is quite excellent.
Another example of heterogeneous political union is India.
1903: Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst formed the Women's Social and Political Union to fight for female emancipation in Britain.
It has pressed political union both too far and not far enough.
The main reason the UK voted the way it did is you have, without ever telling the truth to the British or the rest of Europe, you have imposed on them a political union.