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(Eng. Hist.) the union of Great Britain and Ireland, which took place Jan. 1, 1801.

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Else there would be no meaning in political unions or any other movement that knows what it's about.
1903: Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst formed the Women's Social and Political Union to fight for female emancipation in Britain.
And for goodness sake will our politicians, whose only ambition in life is to ride the gravy train to Strasbourg, stop telling lies on why we should remain in a political union with the EU.
Who, in 1903, created the Women's Social and Political Union to fight for female suffrage in Great Britain?
Mr Campbell added: "I still feel we need to shift and renegotiate some of the terms in Brussels because I do not believe in closer political union with the European Union.
The great questions that Europe must answer are: What kind of political union do we want?
The Greek crisis has given new life to a superficial argument: that the euro zone isn't working because its monetary union hasn't been accompanied by fiscal and political union.
Summary: The negotiations leading up to the recent tentative deal on Greece's debt brought into relief two competing visions of the European Union: the flexible, humane and political union espoused by France, and the legalistic and economy-focused union promoted by Germany.
This exposes the lie which the EU is built on - that we must have a political union (PU) to ensure commerce flows between nations.
Either we evolve into a full-fledged European currency union, with a political union behind it, or we return to the national currencies," said Verhofstadt.
When the treaty on monetary union was concluded, leading politicians therefore promised that political union would quickly follow.
He added: "It's going to be difficult, if not impossible, to persuade the other member states to abandon political union.