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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: issue - an issue that elicits strong emotional reactions
issue - an important question that is in dispute and must be settled; "the issue could be settled by requiring public education for everyone"; "politicians never discuss the real issues"
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Marriage has also been unique; philanthropists generally tend to be more apolitical in their giving and same-sex marriage has always been viewed as a politicized issue.
It is mainly Republicans who have lost confidence in the government to handle Ebola, suggesting that this health and medical situation -- as is the case with so much else in American society today, particularly during election season -- has become a politicized issue.
He also noted that landmarking has become "more and more a politicized issue," with many on both sides ignoring actually worthy buildings in order to exploit public awareness of beloved but less significant sites.
However, when an institution such as the HSYK, which should have acted through its decisions, makes a declaration on a fairly politicized issue, this shows that the judiciary has taken a political stance.
Millions of dollars have begun to come in to fund the new plan and the government is engaged in hiring in order to fulfil its planned role, which will see it try to make headway on the politicized issue of refugee camps and calming tensions between Lebanese and Syrian communities.
Damon bemoaned the state of Washington as he is completing a media circuit for the release of his new movie, 'Promised Land', which, coincidentally, deals with the high politicized issue of fracking, or drilling for natural gas, the Daily Mail reports.
However, it is becoming an increasingly politicized issue because, to many, the selling of tax-free cigarettes on reserve to white people is highly illegal.
The insertion of international security forces in Somali remains a divisive and politicized issue with the potential to exacerbate the conflict," he added.
Beef imports remain a powerful, highly politicized issue in Europe and can even scuttle World Trade Organization trade negotiations.