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or Po·lotsk  (pô′lətsk)
A city of northern Belarus on the Western Dvina River northwest of Vitsyebsk. It was the capital of a principality of the same name from the 10th to the 13th century, when it passed to Lithuania. It was transferred to Russia in 1772.
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Even after Hays had obtained incontrovertible evidence that Polock had attempted to conceal his act of betrayal, he wrote several letters--including a number to Polock and his brothers--that studiously avoided any pronouncement but polite rebuke.
In 1746-1750 he taught in the colleges of Polock, Gardin, Lomza and Pasiause (Samogitia).
Jews have had a major presence in Washington, DC, ever since young land speculator Isaac Polock arrived in 1795 and built six stately homes along present-day Pennsylvania Avenue in Foggy Bottom.
Moses Polock was among the first rare book dealers to specialize in Americana, and after Moses died in 1903 Rosenbach purchased much of his uncle's Americana collection at auction in 1904.
More permanent kiosks have also been added to the concourse areas to allow for a greater variety of food and beverage offerings, including Old Bay Seafood and Polock Johnny's Famous Polish Sausage.
On the must-taste list were Berger Cookies, Polock Johnny's sausages and - needless to say - the ubiquitous crab cake.
At the time he translated the poem, a certain General Fedor Vasil'evic Rudiger, at that time (1813) twenty-nine years old, had just been promoted to the rank of major general for his bravery at the battle of Polock the year before.
But Les Polock, the proprietor of Fosse Mobility, based in Hinckley, said: "We have done whatever we could to satisfy Mrs Neenan.
Christchurch) First day: New Zealand 168 (Astle 44, Polock 4-34) v South Africa 54-0.