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95 m in the Moroch Beds of the Polotsk Regional Stage, Givetian, Middle Devonian.
The 1567-72 Polotsk (Polatsk) cadastre, (28) compiled under Muscovite occupation but found in the Lithuanian Metrica, recorded that in 1572 Ivan took Cossack commander of 100 men (sotnik) Iakov Smeev into his oprichnina.
The heroic resistance of the nation against fascism began in Brest fortress, in battles near Grodno, Minsk, Polotsk, Lepel, vitebsk, Borisov, Mogilev, and Gomel to continue till the last invader was ejected.
Josaphat, the Archbishop of Polotsk, martyr for the unity of the Church, indicating thus the main focus of his ministry.
This involved the Russian annexation of territories with a modest but vibrant Jesuit presence: 201 Jesuits spread across institutions including residences, mission houses, and colleges, notably the dynamic college at Polotsk.
The first is Antin's 1899 booklet, From Plotzk to Boston, which narrates the author's journey with her mother and three siblings from their hometown of Polotsk (now in Belarus) through Vilnius and Hamburg, and on to Boston, where her father was waiting for them (he had emigrated three years earlier).
suspended sanctions for 6 months on two Belneftekhim subsidiaries, Lakokraska and Polotsk Steklovolokno, while keeping sanctions in place against Belneftekhim as a whole.
In Polotsk the arrested Pole named Wojciechowski admitted to membership in the anti-Soviet "White Russian" emigre organization bent on military resistance to the Soviet government.
against Lakokraska OAO and Polotsk Steklovolokno OAO, the two key
Prince Mikhail Yuryevich Lykov from Polotsk (he could be spared due to the imminent truce with Poland-Lithuania) and Prince Nikita Kropotkin from Viljandi (replaced there by Grigori Papin Saburov; it is also possible that Prince Kropotkin welcomed Magnus in Viljandi and travelled with him to Pskov through Tartu) had been sent to meet Magnus in Pskov.
He was born in Polotsk, Bellarussia and was the son of Samuel and Genya (Gersht) Tsents and lived in Worcester since 1993.