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Expression of interest for Construction of new main wastewater (sewer) collector from pumping station #9 to Polotsk Wastewater Treatment Plant ( WWTP ) (7,055 metres).
This involved the Russian annexation of territories with a modest but vibrant Jesuit presence: 201 Jesuits spread across institutions including residences, mission houses, and colleges, notably the dynamic college at Polotsk.
Commenting on the ratings reported by Canal Panda Gali Polotsk, VP Strategy and Finance at Applicaster said, "This impressive rise in the channel's ratings demonstrates once again how Applicaster's powerful set of cross-media tools helps improve and sustain TV viewership.
suspended sanctions for 6 months on two Belneftekhim subsidiaries, Lakokraska and Polotsk Steklovolokno, while keeping sanctions in place against Belneftekhim as a whole.
Prince Mikhail Yuryevich Lykov from Polotsk (he could be spared due to the imminent truce with Poland-Lithuania) and Prince Nikita Kropotkin from Viljandi (replaced there by Grigori Papin Saburov; it is also possible that Prince Kropotkin welcomed Magnus in Viljandi and travelled with him to Pskov through Tartu) had been sent to meet Magnus in Pskov.
He was born in Polotsk, Bellarussia and was the son of Samuel and Genya (Gersht) Tsents and lived in Worcester since 1993.
These and other transport communications influenced the development of such cities as Vitebsk, Polotsk, Pinsk, Slutsk etc.
Oil supplies to the Mozyr refinery fell to zero, while supplies to Polotsk totalled some 6,000 tonnes," one industry source told Reuters.
In 2004 RNU members in Gomel distributed anti-Semitic literature on city buses, and Jewish community centers in Gomel and Polotsk were vandalized with RNU graffiti.
For example, in 1331, the metropolitan, then staying in Vladimir-in-Volynia, consecrated Archbishop Vasilii, in the presence of bishops of Polotsk, Vladimir, Galich, Peremyshl, and Kholm.
Another hierarch, Bishop Seraphim of Polotsk, wrote as follows about the need to improve the Slavonic translation of the services:
Bracelets, very popular during the 12th and 13th century, are commonly found in Old Russian hillfort-towns including Kiev, Novgorod, Polotsk, Kostroma, Druck, Smolensk and Ryazan, also in settlements closer to David-gorod such as Minsk, Novogrudok, Brest, Turov and Pinsk.