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The fact or practice of being romantically or sexually involved with more than one person with the knowledge and consent of all parties.

[poly- + Latin amor, love; see amorous + -y.]

pol′y·am′o·rous adj.


the practice of openly having more than one intimate relationship at a time
ˌpolyˈamorous adj
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Of course, many polyamorous people identify as being religious or spiritual, and some religious groups, like the Unitarian Church, are open to polyamory," says Johnson.
And Then There Were Three: Sixty-Seven Letters to Sasha" chronicles a reunion in France 25 years after George and Sasha ended their relationship, and then the following attempts of the trio to form an unconventional polyamorous family.
Gender-nonconforming individuals and couples, as well as people in nonmonogamous and polyamorous committed relationships likely engage with and are influenced by this sociolegal shift in unique ways.
I loved the polyamorous lifestyle because it's okay to date someone else if one partner can't provide what you need at that time.
The brunette stirred up controversy by claiming to lead a polyamorous relationship, meaning she goes out with several partners.
We have Jade who is polyamorous in that she is a free spirit who won't be tied down.
They fell in love with another couple, and tried to make their relationship work as a four-person polyamorous group.
I also serve polyamorous couples in consensually nonmonogamous relationships.
Elsewhere, Lyla's mother (Bernadette Peters) arrives in Los Angeles to impress a caseworker, and Phoebe informs her friends that she's in a polyamorous relationship.
261) Although other majoritarian, non-religious persons may engage in polygamy-like behavior or live polyamorous lifestyles, (262) the religious adherents look upon the bonds between a husband and second or later wives as marriage-like in both intention and effect because they are treated that way under their religion.
The school, however, believes it properly terminated the teacher for writing an op-ed in the local newspaper expressing her support for polyamorous marriage.
I hope that as the LGBT tide wins over, people will begin to apply that same 'live and let live' perspective to polyamorous couples too.