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or Pol·y·clei·tus  (pŏl′ĭ-klī′təs) fl. fifth century bc.
Greek sculptor and architect known for his bronze statues of athletes.


(ˌpɒlɪˈklaɪtəs) or




(Biography) 5th-century bc Greek sculptor, noted particularly for his idealized bronze sculptures of the male nude, such as the Doryphoros


or Pol•y•clei•tus

(ˌpɒl ɪˈklaɪ təs)

also Pol•y•cle•tus


fl. c450–c420 B.C., Greek sculptor.
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It is thus not surprising to find him commending painters of antiquity for designating their works via "imperfect inscriptions, and half designations": "They marked them by imperfect inscriptions, and half designations; as thus--Appelles was doing this picture; Polycletus was sculpturing this image, as if they were but begun, and never could be finished by their hands" ("Of Miscellanies," Literary Miscellanies 75).
First, in the fifty lines or so of Florida 7, Apuleius invokes the majestic figure of Alexander and explains that because the king wanted his painted and sculpted images to be rendered as faithfully as possible, he once ordained that only the three most celebrated artists of his day, Polycletus, Apelles and Pyrgoteles, might portray him.