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The simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat from a single power source.


(Electrical Engineering) another name for CHP


(ˌkoʊ dʒɛn əˈreɪ ʃən)

utilization of the normally wasted heat energy produced by a power plant or industrial process, esp. to generate electricity.
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Furthermore, feedstock flexibility and the polygeneration nature of syngas for the production of electricity, chemicals, and fuels are also expected to be among the key factors driving the syngas and derivatives market during the forecast period.
Optimal location of lignocellulosic ethanol refineries with polygeneration in Sweden.
Atoll Energy, a French firm focused on smart thermal grid solutions, is set to unveil its innovation in polygeneration at the World Future Energy Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi next week.
Chen Y, Yang FI, Wang X, Zhang S, Chen H (2012) Biomass-based pyrolytic polygeneration system on cotton stalk pyrolysis: Influence of temperature.
An original multi-objective criterion for the design of small-scale polygeneration systems based on realistic operating conditions.
A full blown polygeneration system in Jordan will provide actual use of the new LFC for power generation, heating and cooling.
This chapter in the review also includes a substantial evaluation of the cost and performance metrics for CTL, BTL, and CBTL technologies with and without CCS for both FT and MTG processes, as well as a brief introduction to the concepts of polygeneration (multiple product streams including liquid fuels) and direct liquefaction.
In addition, polygeneration is one of the main factors driving the Syngas and Derivatives Market, mainly as it can be used to simultaneously derive chemicals and fuels for power generation.
Where on-site or nearby heat or cooling demand exists and plants can operate in cogeneration or polygeneration mode, significant economic incentives exist if waste heat utilization can offset natural gas, propane or other fuel purchases.
Summit Power's legacy includes the successful development of more than 9,250 megawatts of projects, and the development of the TCEP, a 400 MW power / polygeneration project that will capture 90 percent of the CO2 from the coal feedstock for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in the West Texas Permian Basin.
Polygeneration enables the process to simultaneously produce chemicals and fuels along with power generation, whereas, feedstock flexibility allows the production from a variety of sources increasing the commercial viability of syngas.