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n.1.A figure consisting of many lines.
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While Warner and PolyGram were both involved in the antitrust saga, they were treated as separate cases by the FTC, and this analysis focuses on the PolyGram case.
Balian began his career in 1975 with distribution company Meteor Film, then merged it with production outfit Movies Film Productions, which was sold to Polygram Filmed Entertainment in 1993.
Ken Berry, 49, who is credited with signing the Spice Girls to EMI, has been replaced by former PolyGram president Alain Levy.
The copyright infringement suit against Polygram Filmed Entertainment Distribution and Interscope Communications accused the filmmakers of using four of Louis Jones' landscape paintings without credit.
files suit in Federal court in New York against Polygram Merchandising and Trevco Distributing asking for at least $100,000 for allegedly selling Spice Girls T-shirts without authorization.
His record label, Def Jam, a subsidiary of Polygram, sat on the release of Bring the Noise 2000 from March 1998 until Chuck D decided to release MP3 tracks from the album on Public Enemy's web site.
Workers in Los Angeles and New York are going as part of a cost-cutting campaign promised last month by Seagram when it acquired PolyGram for pounds 6.
The beautiful brunette is signed to Polygram - the same record company that discovered Boyzone - and has been friends with the band for months.
1% stake in PolyGram NV, a major Netherlands music software company, to strengthen its ability to distribute music via the next-generation of audiovisual devices and the Internet.
plans to integrate the film studio division of Polygram NV into its own Universal Studios movie unit as part of its $10.
COMPOSER Andrew Lloyd Webber is suing record giant Polygram for ruining his chances of a record-breaking single with Boyzone, it was revealed yesterday.
MUSICALS composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is suing record company Polygram, claiming they ruined his chances of a record-breaking single.